One usually comes across craft persons who produce excellent handicraft products but remain poor due to low value realization of their creations. Here is a case of a craftsman, who with managerial training from IED, becomes an entrepreneur and earns a decent income from business.

Kishore Chandra Dora and his spouse are both crafts persons. Kishore, after his EDP training in IED, got the idea of doing business in an innovative way. He decided that he would showcase his products, which are unique, in local market, and state level and national level Tradefairs. He approached a bank for financial assistance and ensured adequate inventory to maintain supply. Participation in several Tradefairs helped him and his spouse to get wider recognition for their products resulting in increased demand.

With a bank loan of Rs. 5 lakh, which includes working capital, he is getting a net average monthly income of Rs. 25,000/-. It is considered as a decent level of earning for a beginner in small business. He has been repaying his loan instalments to bank without fail. What is more important, he has provided employment to 13 persons, 10 female and three male artisans, who would eventually graduate to higher levels with acquired skills.

Innovative way of doing business, which he learnt in the IED training, has helped him to be a successful entrepreneur.