A qualified person- Chandan Chatterjee completed ITI from Kupajal Institute, Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from CV Raman College and Training from CTTC, Bhubaneswar. From his student life he had a passion towards understanding and working with technologies. He used to repair different machineries and do maintenance of machine parts. Although his parents are service holders, he had a dream from childhood to establish an enterprise of his own.

The turning point came while he joined the EDP training under Institute of Entrepreneurship Development, Bhubaneswar. During training, he got an opportunity to visit MSME trade-fare at Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar. There he saw a machine for automatic paper cup. He made enquiries about the working of the machine, performance & the price etc. and impressed on the exhibitors not to take away the same from Bhubaneswar. He kept the machine in his place and after the training, he setup his own unit to produce the Eco-friendly paper cups.

Chandan has employed four persons apart from fruitfully engaging him in his business. He is happy with his current level of production and sales, which takes care of his own needs and repayment obligations. However, he has the high ambition of becoming an established industrialist, which will help him contribute to economic growth and employment generation, apart from his own enrichment.